Here is what some of our past clients have to say about our services and approach from RateMDs.com:

"I suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder. I consulted several psychologistsmontreal psychologist reviews testimonials
before with no successful results until I consulted Dr. Danny. He is a great psychologist very helpful and knowledgeable."

"I saw Dr Gagnon a year ago to try to resolve my panic attacks, which were getting more frequent. I only had 3 sessions with him (since my insurance was limited) but I feel that in just 3 sessions, I was able to get over a great part of my anxiety! He immediately grasped what approach would be most effective with me (addressing the physiological symptoms of anxiety by looking at their function...this helped me avoid going into a state of fear about my body shutting down or having a heart attack when it was actually just the panic speaking! I have a lot of friends and relatives who are familiar with psychologists, or are themselves psychologists and I have seen a range of effectiveness in therapeutic approaches and the skills of therapists; I can honestly say that Dr. Gagnon is extremely well versed in his field and has an ability to distinctly suss out what will best help his patients. Well worth the price!"

"Doctor Danny is a very nice doctor. He arrived always on time. He gave
me some good suggestions and I'm trying those and I feel happier."

"This doctor helped me a lot. I was finally able to get rid of my anxiety and he gave useful tools to control the intrusive thoughts. The sessions were very very helpful as I felt better right after the first one. It really makes the difference. I highly recommend this doctor."

"Great doctor, very knowledgeable and most importantly very helpful.  Very compassionate and understanding but most of all very helpful. I suffered from severe anxiety attacks and he was there to help me thru every step in getting better. I am still seeing Danny and without a doubt would refer him to anyone who needs help and wants results."

"Danny helped me through a tough time in my life and got me back on track. He's not only a great doctor, but also a great person. He always made me feel comfortable and gave me great and sound advice! He is highly recommended."

"Dr. Gagnon helped my child a lot, using CBT techniques to deal with his anxieties. My child learned effective tools and is making good progress. Highly recommend Dr. Gagnon."

"What can I say about Danny....He's is one of the most caring DR's you will ever find. He, many times had conversations with me on the phone getting me through panic attacks and never charged once. He is not pushy and very understanding. The best thing about him is that his CBT is great and it works."

"Dr. Danny Gagnon quickly taught me very effective tools for dealing with depression. I have found him to be compassionate and patient, at the same time as scientific and result-driven in his approach. Highly recommended, especially for those who want results fast."

"Danny Gagnon is passionate about CBT and if you're willing to put the time and effort into really working on your issues, he will guide you very effectively through the process. Though, as good as CBT is, sometimes you just need someone to talk to, and on those days he was a wonderful listener. He is all around very kind and warm, with a strong focus on what really matters. I definitely would recommend him to anyone dealing with anxiety or depression. Thanks Danny!"