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Treatment For Panic Attacks: 5 Steps To Calm Yourself

Posted by Danny Gagnon on Wed, Apr 17, 2013 @ 09:20 AM

Treatment For Panic Attacks: Start With A Good Evaluation

The successful treatment of panic attacks should begin with a thorough and comprehensive
assessment by a healthcare professional such, as a Montreal Psychologist. The reason is that panic attacks can occur, or be triggered, within a variety of different contexts.

Successfully treating panic attacks involves an understanding of the context in which the panic attack occurs. If the panic attack occurs only when meeting new people, the person may have Social Anxiety Disorder. If a panic attack is triggered by a perceived exposure to germs, than OCD may be the root cause. If panic occurs during a cue that is related to a traumatic event, then the treatment of panic attacks would need to be in relation to PTSD.

If an individual has a constant fear of developing a panic attack and they avoid places or situations in which they fear that a panic attack may occur, then the person may suffer from Panic Disorder.

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