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How To Find A Montreal Psychologist That Is Right For You

Posted by Danny Gagnon on Mon, Apr 08, 2013 @ 04:31 PM

How To Find The Best Montreal Psychologist For You

Looking for the right Psychologist in Montreal can be quite an overwhelming task given thatpsychologist in montreal almost half of all psychologists in Canada are registered in Quebec. Further complicating the picture is the fact that many healthcare practitioners may call themselves a psychotherapist. But does this mean that they are the same as a Montreal Psychologist?


Fortunately, you can use the experience of other people as well as the same factors they have found useful in their search. Here are the critical factors that people have said they considered when finding a Montreal Psychologist. Using these factors will ensure that you find the best Montreal Psychologist for you.


Find A Montreal Psychologist: The 5 Essential Factors To Consider


1. Does the Psychologist in Montreal that you  are considering measure progress?

montreal psychologists

  • Since your psychological health involves a significant investment of time and effort, search for a Montreal Psychologist with a track record of succes. By far, this is the most important factor that people say they considered. This criterion is very easy to look for. Simply search for a psychologist that measures progress by asking their clients to fill out questionnaires used in scientific studies and that has posted the results on their website. You will find that these psychologists are few and far between. If you decide to contact a Psychologist in Montreal and they do not measure the success of their clients, ask them why not!


2. Have a Montreal Psychologist In Mind? Look if they have any Testimonials.

  • Look at what people are saying about the Montreal Psychologist you are considering meeting. This is the second most important factor people have considered after finding a psychologist that measures their client's progress. There is no better recommendation than another person's experience and review. Look if they have any testimonials on their website or search other sites where you can find reviews of healthcare professionals.


3. Do you get a prompt call back?

  • Receiving a quick call back, usually within 24 hours, excluding weekends of course, is a sure sign that the psychologist is concerned and committed to helping you. If it is taking days to receive a call, consider moving on.


4. Look for expertise and watch for those 'jack-of-all-trades' psychologists in Montreal.

  • When searching for a Montreal Psychologist, take a good look at their areas of expertise. Do they have a long and excessive list of problems they claim to treat and be an expert in? Make sure to look for a psychologist with a specialization in what you are consulting for. Expertise is key! Would you let your mechanic fix you car, then rewire the electricity in your house and then do your taxes? Most people say they have searched for an expert.


5. Do you want to consult a Psychologist or Psychotherapist?

  • Beware! These are not the same. Psychologists in Montreal are registered with l'Ordre des psychologue du Québec (OPQ). Psychologist have multiple years of specialized and supervised clinical experience. They have been trained to use scientifically-validated treatments to help people overcome emotional difficulties. A psychotherapist is a professional in the healthcare field, such as a social worker, occupational therapist, nurse, etc. that the OPQ considers has enough experience to work with people with emotional difficulties. Recent changes to the law in Quebec now protects the act of psychotherapy so that the public is protected from people who have not gained enough experience and training to work with people with psychological difficulties.

In summary, you want a Montreal Psychologist that:

psychologist in montreal

measures success,

montreal psychologistsis recommend by other people,

find a psychologistcalls you back promptly,

best montreal psychologistand that is an expert.


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