Welcome to the Montreal Therapy and Psychological Wellness Centre.

We are Montreal Psychologists & Therapists providing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Services (CBT) for anxiety and depression, as well as other common psychological problems, in the Montreal area.

We value promoting and providing scientifically-validated anxiety and depression therapy services so that you can live life to its fullest. In addition, by adopting a warm, genuine and understanding approach, we build a strong collaborative relationship with you, which is key to your success in therapy.

Our values and beliefs drive our mission and commitment to:

  • Provide individual therapy in Montreal for the treatment of anxiety and depression.
  • Provide free online self-help evaluation and therapy resources to help you overcome anxiety and depression quickly.

We invite you to consult our website and learn about the resources we provide and how you can overcome anxiety and depression with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). We trust you will find that we are expert Montreal Psychologists and Therapists who care and whom you can trust.



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has received the most scientific support according to Task Forces from both the Canadian1 and American2,3,4 Psychological Associations and is commonly considered the psychological treatment of choice. Here are some reasons why:

CBT has been demonstrated to be highly effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders with the treatment gains maintained long-term5 e.g. recent reports for GAD suggest that gains can last for 8-10 years6.

After medication is discontinued, relapse rates are 80% for major depression. CBT decreases relapse rates to 25%7.


CBT can reduce your healthcare costs up to 50% compared to the use of medication only8.

Treatment for anxiety with CBT has been shown to lead to changes in the brain. After CBT, there are no differences in brain functioning between those having done CBT and those of the control subjects9.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is not just 'talk therapy' but Therapy That Works! CBT is a scientifically-based therapy that shows you how to improve your emotional well-being through understanding and changing your thoughts and behaviours. So although we cannot change the past, CBT helps us to better understand our current behavioural patterns and negative perceptions so that we can change for the future.

CBT is:

What This Means For You:

  • Empirically validated and evidence-based.
  • Tools and interventions that have been shown to be effective through repeated studies involving 1000s of people. CBT is Therapy That Works!
  • Time-limited.
  • No more endless years in therapy without change. Make changes as quick as possible and then decrease the frequency of meetings as soon as you start to feel better.
  • Focused on the present.
  • Make changes in the here-and-now. Stop just discussing your childhood and parents over and over each week.
  • Structured and goal-oriented.
  • Problems are summarized into 1 or 2 key issues so you feel less overwhelmed. Clear guidance on how to work on these issues is provided via a treatment plan, homework and support.
  • Practical.
  • A constructive, rational and feasible approach to therapy that you can use on a daily basis.
  • Collaborative.
  • Your psychologist may be the expert on CBT treatment, however you are the expert about yourself. You join forces with your psychologist and collaborate in your treatment so you can be empowered and make changes that will last long after therapy ends.


First, we think our past clients can speak the best for us. Read our Testimonials and see why we are the Choice for Therapy in the Montreal region.

Second, we are proud of our success. We would like to share the results our clients have achieved with our anxiety and depression therapy services. By working with us, their own self-ratings show that they have succeeded in:

  • DECREASING BY UP TO 88% the frequency of symptoms;
  • DECREASING BY UP TO 89% the intensity of symptoms;
  • DECREASING BY UP TO 75% the interference of anxiety and depression in their lives.

Lastly, we have been selected as a trusted healthcare provider for a number of federal organizations.

In summary, we achieve results through science and a caring approach. Contact Us by phone or email to start making real changes!